dealshp p7-1451 amd a10 10gb 2tb desktop (refurbished…


I am a graphic designer, but I only use the adobe suite. This is SO tempting. Any thoughts?


Just the typical stuff.
Throw in a decent graphics card ($85)
Probably don't REALLY need a better power supply for what you are doing but everyone seems to hate the 300w provided (450w are pretty cheap).

Do that and you got a great little work horse.

Or go above and beyond, pick up an SSD dedicated to just your OS and system programs, keep the 2TB for storage.


An SSD will probably be the single best upgrade that you want but don't know you want. And since you are into graphic design, any current projects can live on your desktop (on the SSD) making opening, saving, and rendering a lot faster.

The A10 AMD CPU has built in radeon ( graphics that should help out with Adobe processing but if you have an older Radeon-based professional graphics card it may support Crossfire directly with the CPU without an interconnect bridge. (see note 4 on that same page)


How about ditching Win8 on these machines?


@indetrucks It's not that we hate 300W power supplies, but that it won't power the basic upgrades that you suggested. Most "decent" video cards require a dedicated power input now, and SSD can raise your power draw as well.

300W power supplies are fine, but they are the BARE MINIMUM.


How about ditching Win8 period. Windows 8 is even selling worse then Windows Vista did, if that tells you anything. Will they downgrade????


@mhendrix: That's my question too. The motherboard was also used for machines that shipped with Windows 7, so it looks like it should be possible. But it would be nice to see something definitive.