dealsrayovac lantern/2-2aa flashlights/panel light…


I'm a bit of a flashlight geek - and while this won't match up against my 1k lumen monster lights... it's still a VERY nice set for the price. Solidly built, and intuitive to separate the lights as needed. Energizer batteries were included in my case (YMMV, as they were included by being taped to the side of the package lol) I got mine @ 19.99 as kind of a throw in on while holiday shopping. (didn't intend to get it, but saw it and bought it)

The main light (largest) has good throw, and a bright hot spot. Ample flood, though there's a sharp transition line between it's hot spot and flood. Color is okay, a bit on the blue side. Without any factual measurements, i'd compare it to some 80-120 lumen lights that i have.

The side lamps are lightweight, and dim. Good enough for finding your way in the dark, and last a very long time on their batteries. Tighter beam than the main light, and smoother transition. I'd compare them to a small 20-30 lumen pen light i've used.


Last is the panel light. That's probably my favorite light in the set. As-mounted, you can turn it on with the main beam, to get foot/walking path lighting as well as distance (from the main) and dismounted, it's great as a room light during a blackout - sit it picture frame style near a mirror, or up on a shelf, and it's more than adequate. This will be the light you keep in the bathroom, lets say, during such a blackout, for those night time visits. Very diffuse and even light. Still the same blueish hue as the rest of the set, but not overly high in the K range. Very diffuse, so it's hard to pinpoint a brightness, but it's certainly brighter than the hand torches, but less so than the main light.

Anyway - they all lock together well, and don't rattle or fall out when you use the unit.. and you can separate them easily to hand to family members or whatnot when needed. Has a small footprint sitting upright on a shelf, and overall a very nice set indeed.


*addendum to the above - Upon clicking the link, i see they give the brightness specs. I wasn't so far off, actually - but use the factory specs for accuracy. When i bought mine, there were none on the over-wrapper/ seal that they had. I also see that this set has batteries included as well, albeit the same brand as the light ;)

Shows up in my homedepot cart for 17.00 - even better deal!