dealshamilton beach 5-quart portable slow cooker for…


Thanks! Was thinking about buying a new one. So I bought this one just now.


Fitting a 4.5 lb chicken is going to be pretty tight, as most chickens are usually larger.


I had one of these, you get what you pay for. It had two settings..High and higher.. Cooks too hot = cooks too fast = not slow cooker


@dernst_ca1: It also has a "keep warm" setting.

I have used this exact cooker for several years and, while it may be slightly cramped for large meals, it's perfect for a couple or single. I never found it to cook too hot. I have left it running on low for 10 hours and came home to a perfect pot roast.


What a bummer. Just went to Wal-Mart to pick mine up. The box looked like it had been used for field goal practice before a football game. I asked for another one and was told to go and see if there was one on the floor. Wrong thing to say to me.

So after I drained the clerk of all her ignorance and apathy, I asked for a refund. I guess I'll just cook my roast in the oven.