dealsflights to phoenix/mesa at a cheap price!!! for…


This is Mesa Gateway which is about 30 miles away from the regular Sky Harbor. It's not bad if you have to do something in the east valley, but don't think this will be an easy commute if you're using this do anything on the west side.

This is also the airline that wanted to charge you for carry-ons, so shenanigans are all afoot.


It actually say's $9.00, not $0.01. Plus there are a bunch of fees plus taxes. Plus you can't take luggage other than a backpack (unless you want to pay some of the higher baggage fees in the industry). Plus the dates of travel are super restrictive.

I guess if you really need to fly between those particular cities, without luggage, on one of those particular Tuesdays or Wednesdays it might be an okay price, but there are so many fees and restrictions on this deal that I think it's, by and large, worthless to virtually anyone.

Also, if you live in Phoenix or need to go to Phoenix, there are other, and probably better, options. There are decently priced flights into Sky Harbor, and, if you want to save money, you can try Allegiant Air. They fly into the same airport Spirt is flying into for this offer (Mesa), and they have super cheap prices all the time.