dealsbarnes & noble | nook hd+ tablet 16gb for $149.00…


Not sure why this is getting ignored-- what a fantastic deal for a good tablet!
When I saw this deal yesterday I ran right out to my local B&N to score one.


I am typing this on the one I bought this after noon. With google play added to the nook, I am not surewhat moor you could want in a tablet for $150.


Is this the same tablet? Target's easier for me to get to.

edit: No, it doesn't appear to be. Different MSRPs. The posted one is the better deal. Have to call the local B&N and see if they have it in stock, otherwise order it online.


@moondrake: no but this one is

Also if you have a red card (debit or credit) with target you'll save an additional 5%


walmart has them for the same price if there one of those closer to you. but you have to buy it online them pick up in store.


isn't the B&N Nook 9" while the Target Nook only 7" ?


@bchis: target and walmart have the same one for the same price


I went and got one yesterday. Planning to root to android. Bought the 2 year coverage from B&N... kind of regretting that, but we'll see if I use it.


Bot mine @ BB yest.
Not heavy. Reasonably fast..
Great in that it supports google play store.
I'm going CM10 mine. First, though, I want to see how nova launcher works on the stock op system. I heard good things about it.
Going to sell my 2nd gen nook color now.
And hopefully, I can get MX player to do 10 bit anime @720p res.
Needs to find a cheap hdmi cable for the hd +. Anyone know where I can acquire one?


@moondrake: You've already gotten a response but to clarify, the difference is the Nook HD is 7" and the Nook HD+ (note the "plus" sign) is 9".

It's notable that these tablets don't have cameras or GPS sensors.

I bought mine about a month ago from a Target sale for $20 more (32Gb version) and am liking it a lot though I do experience a significant amount of stuttering/lag when scrolling (specifically in my Comixology collection & D.O.T game; it'd probably happen in other apps too).

Unlocking from the B&N/Nook ecosystem (opening it up to the greater Android world) made all the difference for me. I never would have considered buying it otherwise.


@mortar235: The URL isn't working for me (says "something went wrong"). I've tried both clicking through and copy/paste the text.

Even searching on Target's website no longer brings up an of the 9" Nook HD+'s. It appears to be completely missing from their on line store at the moment.