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Awesome deal!! I love these , great sound and the cable is really anti tangle


Few notes on these headphones.

Pros - Good clear sound. Great noise blocking. Good isolation. Super comfortable.

Cons - The cord. The cord. The cord. This is the only downfall of these great headphones. The volume control is temperamental for a lot of users. It can result in one speaker being louder than another. It can cause static sounds to play in the headphones.

A trick for this is to either tape or glue the volume control on the cord at the "Max" setting. This way, you can guarantee that you will not move it by mistake causing the issues listed above.

I believe this is the reason for the drop in price. So many people returning them for speaker faults, when the whole time it is the cheap cord. Wish they just made this without the volume control all together.



@bloodypenguin: I haven't had any problems with my set.


@jseureau: I have not either. Just a lot of reports of those issues on Head-fi. Still a great overall headphone for the price. (I actually got mine for $40 from J&R a few weeks ago brand new).

I just wanted to post the cord issue, just to give people a heads up if they get them and encounter any of those problems.



Just a warning,I don't know anything about these headpones but Ben's is bottom of the barrel as far as shipping. I ordered twice from them and they will email you a couple of days after you order, that your item has shipped. When you use the tracking number it will tell you that a label has been created but no information is available yet. Maybe 10 days later the tracking number will now tell you the item was picked up that day by UPS and delivery will be 10 more days in the future. This may be a good deal on headphones and I guess if you don't need it the near future go for it but keep in mind their shipping is very sad.


@jmbunkin: I've had nearly identical experiences with Ben's Outlet. They also don't have a number to call, and are slow to respond to emails. Well over a week from ordering the tracking number they gave me didn't work so I emailed them. 2 days later I got a reply and magically the shipping label was created. After about 10 days of seeing no movement with UPS I emailed them again. 2 days later a got a reply with some lame excuse about being extremely backed up. The next day I started to see movement. The entire time felt the only reason they made any progress with my shipment was because I had emailed them.

All in all I will never be ordering from them again due to their very poor shipping practices.


Ben's Outlet/1SaleADay/Shadora all are owned by the same company and have the same major fault, shipping.

Despite this, I still regularly shop from all three due to the incredible savings. Even though I have to wait about 2 weeks for my product, I've found they're very worth it.

Now, these headphones I've been curious about, but am holding onto my headphone money for something at least twice this in price. I don't need any volume control doo-dads anyway. I've heard the sound quality is pretty good for the price, though, but there is the cord flaw that was mentioned above.