deals10% off coupon for american airlines flight


Dear airlines:
Evidently you haven't gotten the memo that many people aren't as concerned with saving money as they are being treated like people. Charge us whatever you want, just give us back our leg room, don't hide the fees (bag check) and bring back the peanuts. Also, I'm not going to stab anyone with the little pin-on wings, where'd those go?


Offer is legit. A bit of a pain to find the 24th one, but it does work. Got the 10% discount code immediately by e-mail.

Only question is, not sure how long it is valid.


Worked for me.

FYI- Just click the autopilot (24 times) and it will bring you to the next icon :)



-Book by 08/31.
-Fly between 08/15-11/15
-Not valid for travel 08/30-09/02
-Travel must originate in the US but can be to anywhere worldwide.
-Reward requires instant purchase and may not be applied to previous reservations or reservations placed on hold.
-Only one Reward may be used per reservation, for up to two people in the reservation.


@fat50strat: I'd fly in a coffin if it were under 700 miles of trip.
Virgin may be your answer if succeeding that distance.


@dtcbob: Thanks for the info. I was interested in this offer until I found out my expected travel dates fall outside of the eligible range. You saved me the hassle. Kudos!


Nice to have the discount, but understand that American was the 2nd worst carrier overall until it merged with US Airways, who was the worst carrier overall.

If I had a choice between flying American or spending a few days driving, it would be a tough decision.


I just did this on 06Aug - worked fine - thanks @dtcbob !