dealsgyro nano hercules unbreakable 3.5ch electric rtf…


Unbreakable? HA! I have to try this! DH has never met an R/C helicopter he couldn't break on the first flight!


I just received one of these as a gift and it broke itself. The weighted bar that spans atop the vertical axle snapped sideways and the heli will no longer right itself. I even have replacement parts but that isn't one of them.

Guess I was never meant to be an indoor pilot.


Last "Unbreakable" item I broke was one of the combs I got at the exchange while I was in the Navy. It wasn't easy, but it was breakable


Endorsed by Samuel L. Jackson...


Not $29.95 as the most hated of fees added on----processing fee $3.00 OK $2.95 but really fees for shipping costs are one thing but just sell for the $3.00 more