dealsbuy 1 suit, get 2 more suits, 2 shirts, & 2 ties…


Nice. I needed some new clothes to play laser tag in.


considering the suits that cost 795.00 should really cost 150-225, you can easily see where they still make a big profit if they give you 3 suits shirts and ties for 795

its a big scam game. just quit the shizzz and charge people 99-199 a suit and quit the games


If I got paid more and could afford a $600-$800 'low end' suit, I'd be on this. Realistically, if there were some for around $300 I'd get on this, but I can't justify the price, even for a great deal like this. I assume they are probably good quality suits, that is better than you might find at Sears or JC Penny, but you know what they say about when you assume...

@fit410s: I think you are spot on.