dealsc-red leather front pocket wallet with striped…


I've seen these before, and I think I even asked "why" then. I still don't get it, unless you live in an insanely high-crime area.


I bought a couple of these from the last couple of deals they had. Over all they are great wallets and their customer service is top notch (had to get a replacement )


I have one. they're nice but small. They are just barely wide enough to hold US currency.


@l00ie: sure. they small b/c they're front pocket wallets.


@tsfisch: Because a wallet in your back pocket is asking for back pain in the future.


Front pocket is for cell phone. Back pocket is for wallet.


Can't do it, their web site makes my eyes hurt.


Got one last time and I like it fine. It holds more and is a little bigger than the kind that is a card holder with a money clip on it. I'm not entirely sure which I prefer.
I switched to a front pocket wallet ten years ago when I was traveling abroad and would never go back. It's way better.


Same here, small front pocket since debit cards came out. Driver's Licence, auto insurance, a couple credit cards and a little room for reciepts maybe a few bucks.


I got one a month back and its a handsome wallet, but the elastic band thing already broke on mine, so now i just have normal wallet.


@alazius: This.

I switched to a front pocket wallet the first time I visited New York City. Not only is it more secure, it also negates a slew of negative side-effects of carrying your wallet in your back pocket. Back pain and discomfort when sitting for long periods is a real issue. There is a very clear link to back pocket wallets and real medical problems with your hips and spine.