dealssave $25 off orders of $100 or more


Why the hate? I actually really like these guys - got prime tickets for a baseball game for $40 last year.

If there's something better out there, please holler, it'd be great to know about it.


First time I heard about this company was a week ago when they did an Amazon deal.

It's basically like Priceline for tickets. You pick a section and bid how much you're willing to pay for seats, then they tell you instantly if your bid was accepted or not. If it's not accepted, you have to wait 24 hours before you bid again.

I bid $100 for NBA tickets and it was rejected in all sections. I knew it was a long shot, especially in the section where seats go for $800+. I tried again the next day, upped it to $120, did a little dance, and it was accepted! $120 each for seats in section 101! I was so thrilled and on such a high (Wooters know that high). I told everybody. Emailed my guy's boss and begged him to give my boyfriend the evening off (it was to be a surprised Valentine present). I was on cloud 9 for about 5 hours until I got a phone call that it was a vendor mistake and my order was being canceled. What a horrible feeling! :-( They did gave me a $100 credit & an apology.


@gabesmalley: Agree! I've used ScoreBig several times and have purchased great seats for games!


Would some of the negative voters please give us a clue as to why? Is there something big we are missing here?


People who have no experience with a company down voting... this looks like a good deal to me. So until someone can post why they are down voting I'm going to have to endorse this one


This is great for me! I buy my Brewers tickets in bulk & I definitely save money using this website vs buying partial season tickets, ticket packs, etc. Thanks for the deal!


I am still waiting for ANY reason that this is not a good deal....anyone? Are people just being sheep and following the previous downvoters?


@morriea: You're probably right. This seems to be the way things go with deals.woot these days. Just about every day one of the sponsored deals goes negative due to a couple of negative votes early on. Many of the subsequent voters, likely knowing nothing about the deal or company, just follow the pattern because they seem to feel like they need to vote on every deal regardless of whether their input is actually valuable or not. Maybe they're still hoping to get a Jumbowoot coupon for randomly voting on everything?

I haven't yet taken the time to actually check out this deal and determine if it's a good deal so I haven't voted on it yet, but even at first glance it doesn't seem to deserve the minus 48 that it's sitting at right now, especially without anyone even providing any actual reason for down-voting thus far.


@gabesmalley: Come on! You know you really bought tickets for the Ice Capades...;-]


I down voted because of the connection with the NHL and the lock this year.
I have decided that I will not support this season in any way.
I'm sure some people may be able to use this deal and me be great for them
but not for me. Just my 2 cents


ScoreBig is a really good company; I've bought tickets from them in the past and the seats were great.


I didn't downvote and I've never purchased from here, but the format of this site kinda bugs me, that you are putting a blind bid out for some seat in a generic "four star" region of the stadium. Personally, I prefer something like stubhub where I know what seat I'm buying. Was looking to get tickets to a Nationals game when I'm in DC this April but it looks like they don't have any of the Nats home games even listed on their site, not sure if that's true for other teams.


@blazersguy: I'm sure Nats tickets will come up when it gets closer to baseball season. I think this is a really good site if you want to get a great price on tickets, but have flexibility on where you want to sit. Sure, with StubHub you know what you're getting, but you're also going to pay a lot more for tickets. They tack on extra fees too. ScoreBig will always beat them on price. It's kind of like Priceline for tickets. Some people like that model, but others like just going through the airline.


just checked out the site! I LOVE it! wish I was in the position to buy some tickets tonight...I'd definitely be placing an order. I've bookmarked the page, though, for future reference.


@eeekdageek: That's a perfect example of inappropriately downvoting, it has nothing to do with the website's reputation or the validity of the deal. The NHL lockout has nothing to do with the website, it's just various venders selling tickets. That would be like boycotting ebay because vendors are selling NHL tickets, or not using Orbitz or Hotwire because they have Delta plane tickets available and you hate flying Delta... It makes no sense.


I just had great success with this offer. Purchased great seats to an upcoming college basketball game and on top of the $25 off of $100, they also selected me to "Score Even Bigger" and knocked off an additonal $13 from my total bill.


ScoreBig is great. I've gotten tickets to the Lakers, Clippers, and Cirque du Soleil from before and I've only had positive experiences. You call their customer service line and you talk to a human being right away. But more importantly, their CSRs are actually knowledgable and helpful on the phone. When they say they will call you back, they actually do (within 2 hours!)