dealssteam holiday sale - day nine


Orcs Must Die is addictive!


Terraria is worth buying even if you don't think you'll like it. I was on the fence awhile back about buying it, but I really enjoy it now that I have it. And for $2.5? Psh, that's half a frap.


@lordwoot I was sceptical about Terraria as well, but in a previous sale I picked it up for 2.50. It was WAY more fun than I ever thought it would be. I'm even tempted to buy another gift copy just in case I want to give it to somebody in the future.


I picked up Skyrim yesterday for $40 on Steam. These are some great deals on games.


I bought a ton of games today.. All the star Wars, Fear, Worms..

Already bought Metro 2033, Borderlands, Back to the future, Black ops...

Anyone completing objectives for the great gift pile?


Well I usually get all my games from demonoid, but for 2.50 it seems silly not to try out terraria legit.


@rbrasche: I've been doing a bunch. No game gifts yet, just coal and coupons :/


@rbrasche: Thanks for sparking my interest with that great gifts pile thing- I didn't know what it was since this was literally the first time I used steam, but my first gift for signing up was portal 2 which a friend of mine had just told me I should try :D


@panthiest: If you haven't already started to build your Wishlist, I recommend that you do and put at least 10 games on it. That is 1 of the 'Objectives' and you have a chance of winning the first 10 Wishlist items free.

@rbrasche: So far I have received 1 coupon, 2 coal and Half-life 2 :) but most of the objective are in games I don't have :(


i've got 8 pieces of coal and a few games, mostly crap but some decent stuff too (Renegade ops, AAAA(etc) a disregard for Gravity, and I got a 2 free gifts of The Ship which I already had but might make a decent trade at some point). honestly, this achievement thing is addictive as hell.

Also I got a nice 25% valve coupon which I think I'll put to use in the coming months.

Steam has been like Woot for games in the past week...