dealssend a valentine e-card, 1 meal gets donated to…


Instead of using a standard Captcha, they are using a color vision test. I'm color blind. Wow, what a bad idea. :P


@fishcandy: it changes, i saw that captchca where it asks "what color is the 3rd character" but when i sent mine it was just "enter the letters". if you still want to send one, try refreshing the page to get a different captchca. or if this helps any, the letter color choices are either red, black, blue, green, or yellow
thanks for trying anyway. their regular pages are and

where you answer trivia to donate 10 pieces of kibble each day. no captchcas and even if you get the answer wrong, they still donate


Fur pups and fur kits got free kibble :D and shared on facebook.