deals25 feet gold plated hdmi cable for $5.99 + free…


I just bought one and the coupon worked for me at 7:40 Eastern Time. Thanks for posting this!!!


I got one of these about 6months ago for the same great price. I use this combined with a $20 hdmi splitter from newegg and I can now use my computer as a great workstation/gaming station/entertainment center at my desk or on my couch. Honestly I couldn't be happier.

Oh, and meritline has GREAT customer service. The first cord I got had some hiccups, so I chatted with them online and they just sent me a new cable, no questions asked. I'd buy from them again any day.


works fine, looking forward to it, I need one for my laptop to TV


ps. it just worked for me. 15:11 CST


this must be crap, 25' of real "Monster" cable would be at least a million dollars for quality oxygen free lossless cable!


"exipred or it as reached the limit" - From Meritline. I just tried purchasing.


Wasnt somebody on the community forum looking for one of these???