dealscraftsman 13 in. & 18 in. tool bag combo for $9…


I bought them and this is definitely a great deal for the price.

Because it is very cheap and the price can't be beaten. The quality is not too bad.

But still, it is definitely not the same product as the 20/30 dollars tool bag : these ones are much more cheap in quality. The fabric is much thinner, the zip weaker, fewer tool pockets with lower quality, the metal bars that keeps the "mouth" of the bag open are not as rigid as competitors,...
So you have what to pay for, this is not a magic deal and this is not enough for a professional hanydman.

but for just tool storage and occasional work, what I needed, it is perfect, and as I said this price can't be beaten.


I've had these, and the handles tore on me, leaving me with a really heavy bag of tools and no handles. Threw them away. Good for things other than tools, of you're going to fill them up. Also, I think perhaps the sun weakened the handles.


I own this 2 set of tool bags.

I have used the small one as my travel bag for the last year - it fits all my bathroom needs nicely. I traveled 180 nights last year. It was good for me.

I have used the large one for the trunk of my car with basic car essentials. A can of tire inflating goop, a few ratchets and a few cans of other lubricants just in case.

I wouldn't trust them with serious tools and uses. If you can find other uses (like I have) I would recommend them to anybody for this price.