dealstoshiba 3tb internal hard drive for $139.99…


Bizarrely, the description never mentions the SIZE of the hard drive.

Ad fail.


Agree - ad failure for sure. If you goto the ad page though and click the description tab, you do find out eventually the drive is a 3TB drive. Not a bad price for that.


Sorry for the missing "3TB" on the title of this bad.

I have asked the mods to edit.


Curiosity made me need to know. Ad Win?


Not sure if its still valid but there was a coupon for $20 off of a seagate 3t drive last week making it $120.

Couple things to note
1. Not all enclosures support 3t. I have an old thermaltake dock for internal hdds (to use them externally) and it would only show 750g. Swapped it to my newer dock (blacx 5g) and it showed correctly.

2. You may have to go to disk management and format as a GPT drive. And not all versions of windows support booting to a GPT drive without some work. I used it as a secondary and boot to a smaller SSD so i didnt run into that

may want to do some homework if you are considering purchasing your first HDD bigger than 750g