dealsmp3 store: top mp3 albums $1.99 or less today…


Nice choices of classics and new stuff. Thanks for posting! I picked up Blake Shelton and Kenny Chesney.


Bob Marley's Legend for a buck. You can't beat that.


@craigthom: just about the only thing on that list i'd consider subjecting my ears to

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I hear Taylor Swift songs on the radio and they're not horrible. However, every time that chick plays something live it sounds like cats in the night. There are a lot of good other choices on this deal. Thanks for the info!


@triplebud: So are you saying you would never ever wnat to hear her songs again...ever?


I don't like the way amazon sorts music, some items in a category do not belong there. I assume they do it to artificially fluff their numbers. Some music they put into several categories, then they all get counted.

Most of the albums I found werent that great for the type of music I am into. Saw some odies at decent prices, but nothing new.


I could NOT agree more. Swift is a talented songwriter, but a marginal singer being propped up and promoted by the industry. Obviously a good studio singer (with all the sound manipulations), but If she were a contestant on America's Got Talent, she MIGHT make the semi-finals... But even this past season she would have been beaten by a dog act!
Not a hater, just don't think she's all that.


99 cents for 26 motown #1 hits is pretty awesome. Sadly a credit that I had at Amazon that I did not know would expire has expired. So I need to spend real money.


We'll download singles but when it comes to a full album we still purchase a hard copy CD and rip our own MP3's off of that. So we'll pass on this.


@natalieug: That was my thinking until the last time I moved and had to drag all those boxes of CDs along.

Now that all my music is safely backed up at home and, for the most part, in two cloudy places (Amazon and Google), I just buy the mp3 albums.


@triplebud: I saw her on 60 minutes last night. There was something creepy about her, and I couldn't place it for about half the interview. Then it struck me. Her eyes are dead and emotionless in the interview. The only time they do emote is when she's on stage (Even when she's feigning amazement and surprise her eyes are dead though).

It's a creep-out. I could totally see her pulling a Fargo and feeding someone through a chipper-shredder with those dead eyes.


@thespiansmc: Yeah, I couldn't resist that one myself.


Night Visions by Imagine Dragons is an amazing CD. Do yourself a favor and listen to it. I almost want to buy it again just because I love it so much