dealsatm saving machine


Ha! Does anybody else see irony in this thing? If nothing else then at least saving machine is a great oxymoron.

"Buy this, to teach your child the virtues of saving and thrift."

How about you take what this "saving machine" costs and invest it? Something simple like 1 year CDs that you renew, or on 100% stock for a little more risk. Just make sure it's a completely separate account that you only ever deposit the cost of this thing into.

Then, give your child the balance of that account as a graduation gift. Be sure and print the transaction history as well. Remember, the only thing you deposited was the initial cost of this thing. Yes, inflation will eat at the effect, but I think the virtue of compound interest will still be seen.


@halld84: You could say that to just about anything you bought. Sorry kids, no toys, you will thank me in about 15 years. Just see how well that works out for you.


Automated Teller Machine Saving Machine



@promyst: yep, very common grammar error

about as common as 'why do they put braille on drive thru atms'