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A Boeing 707, or 727, or 737 (hard to tell with just the 41 section showing (all those airplanes have the same 41 section, heck so does the dash 80), maybe the airstairs are a hint) IS NOT A JUMBO JET!


@martmann4: I've spent my entire life around aircraft and I've never noticed that they have the same nose section. But you're right, there's very little difference between them, all the way from the 707 to the latest 737NG's.


@quantamm: I worked on the 737-400, -500, -700, -800s at the Lazy-B, anytime I would look up a drawing for structure on the 41 section, the drawings were darn near unreadable, because they are so old, hand drawn, and scanned into digital way back when scanners sucked.