dealsclarisonic skin care mia 2 sonic skin cleansing…


Coupon code doesn't appear to work. What's the prob?


Any comments on slickhippo? I've seen so many knockoff clarisonic products that I'm not confident that this one is legit.


@nedandliz: it works for me, where are you shipping the order to ? sometimes coupons are limited to within USA


I live in Canada, coupon doesn't work.
Still a good deal, though.


I emailed I asked them in my email if the Clarisonic Mia2 was a genuine authentic Mia 2 and they replied that they only sell OEM products.


slickhippo just got this domain name a couple months ago according to google search. Paypal lists this merchant as R&S GROUP ( phone: 718-607-7080. When I call their slickhippo number 1-347-435-3263 no one EVEER picks up and there is no voice mail. It just rings forever. I believe they're selling fake fraud items! Buyer beware!


My spouse works for Dillard's, and even with her employee discount this is $148.