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Applebees is awesome! I went there today, totally forgetting about this (I'm not a Veteran nor was I with one). They bent over backwards to make sure all the Veterans were accomodated and even had a special "Veteran's seating" section where they could mingle together.

As a side note, I was in Ocean County, NJ which is an area that was hit hard by the hurricane. I saw that some Alabama Power folks were parked in the lot and happened to be seated next to them. When I asked the waitress if I could pick up their check to thank them for the help, she let me (of course) and later told me the manager had made their check 50% off for me!


I posted all free meals for Veterans Day on Friday and they were all deleted! Anybody know why??


@pzelaskowski: Because you are not allowed to post deals until they're actually active. So if the special starts on Sunday, it cannot be posted until Sunday. This prevents people from posting a deal two weeks in advance, then everyone forgets about it during the actual sale day and people flag duplicates if it's posted again.


Go to for all military discounts including Veteran's Day meals.