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What is AlphaPower and why does a charger for it cost so much?


I have one and it works well, much better than "dumb" wall chargers from Energizer or the like. Allows multiple charging speeds and can charge AA and AAA simultaneously, nice display shows initial voltage and when the battery is finished. The only problem it has is that it can't detect completely dead batteries and requires a workaround to charge them (see reviews on the Amazon page). I haven't tried out the refresh or test features.

The best smart charger for the price, especially since it comes with 4 of each AA and AAA NiMH batteries. This isn't much of a sale on it but it usually has no discount at all so it's something.



From the looks of it, this can either greatly extend the life of any rechargeable batteries and/or renew them. As in, once they start to form a "memory", it can reset it, and you'll get more life out of it.

Now, eventually batteries can't be reset like that, and they will give out over time, because it's all just chemicals, and things wear down. But if you're getting 3 - 4 resets out of a battery, that's a lot.

Also it looks like it's more precise in it's initial charging functions, unlike the chargers you get at walmart that come with recharge batteries, for like 15$. If you're constantly needed AA/AAA batteries, and changing them out, then this will most likely save you loads of money in the long, long run.


@amilakov: I've tried the test/refresh features, and I think they're both very useful.

This charger can charge very quickly (which will really shorten the overall life of the battery), or it can charge nice and slow. It's worth reading the manual to learn more about how to set the rates and other features.

I went through three $20 chargers before I settled on using this $45 one...charges effectively and reliably, totally worth it for those who use rechargable batteries like it's a religious ritual.


@herrojima: NiMh batteries don't form a "memory." It refreshes the batteries by fully discharging the batteries and then charging them, and then doing it over, until it completes 20 discharge/charge cycles.

I've got the BC-700 model, which is very similar, and it's a great charger. I like that it'll immediately tell you "null," when it's time to throw the battery out. Also, it'll charge at various rates, from a fast charge, medium fast, to regular/slow charge. Also, I believe when the charge cycle is complete (reads "full"), it still trickle charges them.


Good charger, well worth the money. Mysteriously, batteries last much longer when the charger isn't destroying them every time you use it.


I have this, it's a very worth while purchase. it even brought my dead batteries back to life.