dealsteam c125 64gb usb 2.0 flash drive model…


If I didn't have the 32GB version of this, I'd be buying it. That flash drive is the first one I've had that's tough enough and small enough to leave on my keychain. And it turns out that makes a huge difference in its practicality, because I always have my keys with me - and now, my data as well.


Had the team c123 flash drive. Died on me yesterday after 3 months of light use. I will never buy a team group product again.


I have 2 of these drives and they have worked perfectly for me.

I copy 1280x720 MP4 movies to them and then plug it into the USB port on my Blu-ray player.
They each hold around 15 movies - instant movie video jukebox!

The drives are fast enough that the movies can be watched without any stuttering or any other issues.

These drives are so handy to have around on a keychain.

I have lots of portable apps on the drives.

My company does not allow installation of new software on the laptop I use, but with this drive and all the portable apps it makes life at work just better...

They are small, tough, and the best I've found for attaching to a keychain.


Use promo code EMCXNVR68 to make them $28.99