dealsdo i look like the help desk? t-shirt for $7.99


In my day job, I will be taking over the help desk starting in July. Oh yes, I ordered it.


@thunderthighs: Excellent choice. I can picture many people being confused on the days you're wearing it. Shenanigans will ensue.


This would be perfect for every time I see the in-laws.


In-laws? How about everyone I know? I love being invited to dinner at someone's house then getting the "Oh yeah, since you're here could you look at my insert tech problem here?"

I'm ordering one for every day of the week.


@eayres: I get that when im at almost every family event. Not to mention there are 4 nerds in the family. They get us all together to solve the issues "faster"


Oh how I wish I could wear this to work - it would be frowned upon :(

But WOOT! to those of you who can and will. Now what can I do about the CALLS I get to play "help desk" ...


I work as a computer programmer at my job... every day people come in and interrupt my coding to ask me a random question about how to turn on their computer or make the network faster. I would get this shirt if it wasn't for the fact that somewhere deep in my job description I believe it might actually be a small percentage of what I'm supposed to be doing....


I get these shirts to wear around the family as yes, I am the help desk. I already have the, "No, I will not fix your computer," and "It must be user error," shirts from ThinkGeek.


Cool, I work on a help desk. In for 1


ordered for my help-desk-working friend...32D's are gonna look AWESOME in it.