dealshalo: combat evolved anniversary for $24.99…


This is really tempting. Any reviews or thoughts? Is it worth it? I'm a huge halo fan, but idk if I want to spend the money to reply a game I have beaten several times.


There is buyback value of 24.00 and a map pack for reach which goes for about 5-10 bucks on ebay


Waiting for the PC version. I refuse to play an FPS without a mouse!


Great price, but I am betting this will be less than $20 within a week or two.


@xeth: I was the same way, but I slowly switched to console when I couldn't afford to keep my computer up to speed.

Have you ever considered trying something like this converter for Xbox 360?. The reviews for the PS3 version are pretty stellar.


@sizzlestick: That looks awesome, I only knew about the XIM3 and that costs $150 which was too expensive for me. I might give this a try, thanks!


@kaptinkurk: Depends on how much you like replaying games. It looks fantastic with the updated graphics, and the addition of the Terminals to the campaign give some good background on the series, and even do some foreshadowing for Halo 4. The map-pack for Halo: Reach that comes with it is also pretty good. It comes with a number of the original multi-player maps with updated graphics and runs on the Reach engine. Playing them on Xbox Live brings back a lot of memories of playing Halo with friends when it first came out.

For the price, I'd go for it. But I thought it was worth it at $39.99 when I bought it.


@kaptinkurk: I hear it's pros are the online co-op and multiplayer, updated graphics, some additional cutscenes/dialogue, and especially the fact that it sticks to its roots -- the gameplay is exactly the same as the original we all know and love.

However, some cons are the multiplayer is basically the Reach multiplay (you can even get the maps for Reach without ever buying this game), and co-op is evidently laggy.

(These are opinions by many others; I haven't played it yet.)

But hey, it's cheaper than most games today. I say get it. I would if I wasn't tight on money.


Ever since I played Halo ODST (barely made it through first act I hated it so much), I'd been missing the original Halo. I just replayed Reach last week so the timing on this is perfect. I remember playing 4x4 LAN with my friends. One of the guys was so annoying the other 7 of us teamed up on him with plasma grenades: "Why do I see red & blue guys standing together and not shooting each other?" Haha