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I am horrified. Comparing a masterwork like B5 with an amateur show like Farscape.


B5 was easily the best sci fi series of its time, but the best part of it was the story. The plot for all 5 seasons was drafted out before filming of episode 1 began. This gave the show incredible continuity. Things happened in season 1 that would leave you wondering about them until something happened a year or two later that filled in the rest of the puzzle. It's one of the few series with serious replay value, to watch it over from the start and see something and think "oh, THAT's what he meant when he said that!" (Kosh had so many of those moments) WONDERFUL series. The movies were ok. They were meant to be more stand-alone though.


Worth noting this includes the pilot movie, so if you're just starting the show you might want to pick it up alongside season 1.


Def is a must buy.
I'm thinking of getting a few; Xmas is coming!
BTW, Farscape and Red Dwarf are still pretty good shows, also. As is Lexx. For some odd reason, tho, the arcs where they come to Earth suck.