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I will add that this was just released again and will only be available until the current stock is gone. It's a pretty good deal but this price is very close to retail. So if you are impatient and want to pay sales tax, it can be found in retail channels as well.


Good stuff! I just bought myself 1. Needed a copy and for 20 bucks more I got 2 additional ones


Isnt this the normal 3 pack price that everyone has been having lately?


@desynergy: I think I already pointed that out. MSRP is $150. But this family pack is only available until they sell out (like the last time). It's a good deal if you can use three copies.


I am glad to see thatthe family pack was brought back for a limited time. Maybe people can load it on their MACs to make them good again ((hehe))


Actually, the normal price for one license of Win7 Home Premium is $119.00 but from time to time they do run sales like this one. It's Win7 one-year anniversary.
By the way, I upgraded two machines that were running Win2000 using this. Just follow the same directions you use if you are upgrading from XP.


These seem like "INSIDER" reviews....
This is not a bargain...