dealssapphire radeon vapor-x 5770 video card w/ freeā€¦


20Hz? Isn't that a bit slow?


20Hz is slow for gaming but fine for daily use. If ATI gets Eyefinity working in SLI, I'll be able to get another 5770 and run the T221 at 41Hz for the full resolution.

My model, the DG3, can take one, two or four DVI inputs and scale them on the monitor to get 13Hz, 20Hz or 41Hz at 3840x2400 resolution. At 22.2" diagonal, that makes the pixel pitch just over 200 ppi. These are the highest resolution and highest pixel density monitors made (well, they aren't available new anymore) for less than $20,000.

Try to find a monitor that does 3840x2400 at more than 48Hz (that's what the T221 DG5 does) - you won't. These monitors were made for medical and professional work where refresh rates aren't as important as gaming. Until the standardization of DisplayPort v1.2 weren't even possible at reasonable refresh rates through anything less than multiple DVI and/or dual-DVI cables.

Oh, I plan on running the monitor at 1920x1200, 41Hz for the higher frame rates when necessary.