dealsmilitary camoflauge boonie hat for $5.00 + freeā€¦


I bought two of these hats the last time they were on sale. The same price ($5 + free shipping). They are cheaply made and would not survive a trip toobing down the river. But for $5 you would expect that. What I wish I had known is that they are small. They only come in one size, and apparently that size is tiny. Didn't fit my head, and was very snug on my wife's head. Just though you might like to know.


Another user's comment on these:
"I bought one a couple weeks ago.
Seriously, a paper towel and rubber bands would have been better.
The paper towel may even fare better through the wash."


Bought a couple for the kids last time. They are barely worth the price, but even expensive ones wouldn't last that long with young kids when out hiking.


Bought what looks to be the exact same hat from one of those "dollar" type stores for $1.99 and that is what they are worth. Skip this offer from Dailysteals not even worth $5 for two of them