dealslego y-wing 9495 for $49.99


Love the nostalgia, but that has to be the worst Princess Leia I've ever seen. How does a company that recently made a model of an obscure TIE variant from a 90s video game (which I bought, by the way) botch one of the most iconic hairdos of all time?


I think you may have been looking at a different set, or the "most places" that were "around $60-$65" are stores that consistently charge more than Lego does (ToysRUs is one that over-charges on almost all Lego sets), because $49.99 is the RRP - regular retail price for Lego set #9495. It always has been and always will be. If Lego drops a price, it will be clearly stated, and usually shown under "sales and deals". Many people are not aware that the best price on a Lego set is often at or at a Lego store, and that a high percentage of resellers mark up the retail price.

If you want to know what the RRP - regular price established by LEGO is on ANY past or present Lego set, go to and put the set # into the search bar. This is the most accurate place for all kinds of Lego information. Good luck!