dealsserenity [ws] [blu-ray] for $6.99


Available in-store only!


Stop listing they're a scam site. They rip people off all the time. They list stuff that's not in stock and then don't tell you after you've ordered. Then they keep the order on 'hold' until the ITE. Comes back in stock. It NEVER COMES BACK IN STOCK. They won't inform you your order is on hold and if they do it will be months later after you've already forgotten about the item. They did this to me with the Magnificent 7 blue ray months ago and I still haven't gotten my money back after I requested it. They're a bad company with bad customer service and they should be banned from this area.


@flamespear: Whoa Blog-myster, Short objections please. it can be followed with a link to your blog if you have that much to say...

BTW: Good Deal on a Shiny Movie!


Available for in-store pick-up only. Doesn't work for me.