deals3 pc cast iron fry pan set for $13.76


I have no idea what use the 6" one is.
Hang it on the wall after you paint it?
Gift it to some single chick?
Anyway, the other two will do almost all of your non stick skillet jobs.
And do it for another 100 years, if you don't screw them up.


Maybe I missed it but anyone know if these are made in China ? I have two Lodge cast iron pans made in USA and they are high quality.


@gidgaf: I have a 6 inch one that I use regularly for frying or scrambling eggs (one or two at a time), making grilled sandwiches (cheese, egg and cheese, turkey and cheese, etc). It's the perfect size if you're cooking for just one person.


Pass on these. Support the Lodge cookware. You can find it at reasonable prices everywhere. But, yes, cooking on cast iron is the best.


A Lodge 12" skillet is about twice the price of this entire set.
I think I'll stick with buying stuff like this rather than overpriced goods.
Unless of course this proves to be a crappy set, then I'll probably not stick to buying it.

Support global and international business, not protectionism.


I bought this instore from SEARS last year. I seasoned them, camped with them, and loved them to this day. I didnt notice if they were american made or not, but they have lasted daily use so far.
as for the 6inch pan, it's GREAT for using on a backpacking stove,


When Lodge starts paying my bills, I'll pay their money sucking prices.


Lodge is great, but the prices listed on their site are nuts. The same exact lodge pan, model L10SK3 you get from their site for $36, you can get in your local Walmart for $18.

That being said... Its cast iron. Its not like you have to worry about it shorting out, or some screws coming loose. Unless its complete trash, it should be fine for decades, as long as you take care of it. No detergents, dry it off, etc...

This is a decent deal, especially for someone who doesnt have any cast iron.


@gidgaf: "100 years, if you don't screw them up" - it's virtually impossible to screw up cast-iron pan, one just has to know how to take care of them (e.g. no washing with detergent, just scrub with salt and wash, etc). If the black shining non-stick "seasoning" layer comes off or something else, can scrub it all off and re-season anew - that's just wipe with napkin with little oil, then broil to smoke it all off to black


Don't soak cast iron in your sink either. Although that might seem self-evident, I had to learn the hard way when I was younger.

Thinking of getting this set for my Dad to use on the grill.


What the frak are they cooking in that pan? I clicked on it and it looks like a bad PhotoShopped egg and some sliced jelly beans!