dealshalo 4 forge island - for $0.00 + freeā€¦


I'm in. Halo is about the only FPS I play, and the add on is certainly at the right price.


343 ruined the Halo franchise. Turned it into a CoD clone. Bad maps, bad gameplay, bad direction.


Awesome! Got my download on tonight.


I have to agree with biliabong6. Halo 4 is the worst. Repetitive, uninspired, new weapons are weaksauce. Every level felt like I was doing the same thing as the level before. I didn't think anyone, even EA, could ruin the franchise, but 343 did. I won't be buying another Halo, until they hit the used bins at $15, because that's al they're going to be worth. Thank the gaming gods for Bioshock: Infinity.


@mdgore: 343 did an amazing job. I've been playing Halo since it came out and I love Halo 4. I'm proud to have the limited edition console pack and game for it. Also, that's BioShock: *Infinite.


Wow, wooters sure have bad video game taste.
@prokanda if you've really been playing since the beginning and still think Halo 4 is good, you're a disgrace to Halo fans.