dealsi could pee on this and other poems by cats for…


How is this a deal? This is the normal price and shipping is not free.


you can get a GOOD, used copy for under $7.50 on amazon


@diaper: by 'good', I assume it would not have been peed on by a cat?


The price is $12.99...but the MSRP (on the back of the book) is $12.95. I don't see a savings there


@ zippy-i have a cat that can pee on that for me!


Sorry, but for me it can't compare to Poetry for Cats by Henry Beard, with used copies for only a penny (plus $3.99 shipping) on Amazon. It features famous poems as they would have been written by the poets' cats. My favorite is The Mongrel by William Blake's cat:

Who the crackpot, who the nut
Would wish to make an ugly mutt?
And when thy heart began to tick,
What weird hand withheld the brick?


Cats drool...dogs rule!

No freaking cat could have wrote that!


I own this, and love it. But I don't think it is worth anything over $10. It's small, and considered a "bathroom book". It's something that will be funny the first few times you skim through it, and you might show a few friends, have a couple laughs.. but that's it. At least for me!


@zippy the pinhead: Not a good deal, found it at Walmart for $7.77 and no shipping if you pick up in store.


@cjmoron: I've got cats and dogs. NEVER seen a cat drool.

Can you say the same about dogs? Didn't think so.

And besides, dogs pee on a LOT more stuff than cats do.



Regardless of the price, I'm glad to learn about these books. Thanks to all.

Cats rule, period. Watch this commercial about "Cats with Thumbs". Look for the West Side Story reference. Also wait for the paw at the very end of the commercial.