dealstoshiba - satellite laptop / amd e-series…


A deal from Fearless Leader!!!


@hobbitss: Well...someone was asking a question about it over on ATC and the link they provided wasn't working properly. I posted this so that I could replace their link with this one.


I bought one last week for my wife. It works great for the basics (fb, internets, itunes, word, etc.) We haven't tried anything difficult on it, but for $270 it's a good deal on a nice laptop IMO.


@jrhodes976: My brother also went and bought one for his wife. She loves it! It wont play any intense games of course, but good for an everyday laptop.


Just got one for my wife - thanks for the deal post!


Would anyone who bought it be willing to try playing mabinogi on it? It isn't a seriously intense game, but it would be nice if this ran it better than my friends 6 year old core duo.