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For some reason, free shipping is not showing up even though Best Buy gives free shipping on all video games. Maybe this is just a glitch for me personally. You can probably call them to get the shipping charge removed.


I also couldn't get the free shipping.


Chatted with a representative and found out that the free shipping ended Yesterday 5/7/2012. So shipping is $2.99.


Still well worth it, to this day still one of my favorite games.


If you let $3 shipping sway if you get this or not, you don't deserve the delight you'd get from ordering it.

The main game alone is easily worth twice the price. This edition also includes the five(!) DLC's that would run you $10 a piece if bought individually online. Seriously, if you've never played it or if you have the original version and missed out on a DLC or the order.

You won't be sorry.


Unlike recent DLC trends of unlocking content that is already on the disc, this DLC genuinely adds hours of gameplay, new maps, new scenarios, and so forth.


The only DLC I genuinely disliked was "Mothership Zeta." Great, great game, most of the DLC is fun and interesting.