dealsbest buy: buy 2 preowned games, get 1 free


So, if you buy the three cheapest games there are, take them to one of the places that accepts trade-ins for new games (like gamestop), can you just keep repeating this until you have all the new games you want?

I honestly haven't bought any videogames for years, so I've only seen commercials for companies that do trade-ins. This just occurred to me when I saw the deal.


that would work if everyone bought for the same price they sold for. that is not the case. they generally will buy off of you for less than 50% of the sale price.

This deal would make it slightly closer to simply breaking even of the buying and selling of the games.


@curtisuxor: That's not how it work, expect less trying to trade it in. My general rule of them is if you buy a game you might as well keep it for life. Just imagine if you bought a recent game that cost $60, depending on the game you'd be lucky to get $15 dollars back from gamestop. The lowest I've seen people sell games at GS was 50 cents, so don't expect to make a profit. Those trade in are for in-store credit, if you want cash you would get even less. I don't think any company falls into that ploy anymore.

As for the buy 2 get 1 free, I personally think the deal would have been good if a company like GS or an online company that wasn't BB. BB has a huge selection of games, it 's just most are still over priced even though they are a year plus old. I compared some of the cheap $5 games to GS and GS is selling most of them for 2.99. At the very least BB is trying.


@benmason: Ah, didn't know they give store credit instead of a choice of a game. I could have sworn I heard of some promotion where if you turn in 3 games, you could walk out the door with your choice of a new one. Thanks for the explanation. Games are so horrendously overpriced now, I either borrow them from friends or buy them a few years down the road.

To the downvoters: QQ at me asking a question. rofl.


Tempting... Might have to see if they've any good deals on GOTY edition games...


Ha, Borderlands 2 preowned is more expensive the new right now.


It looks like they have a good selection, but most of the prices are just shy of being a brand new game anyways. I'd rather go through a company like GameFly where their prices are typically cheaper and you get any DLC codes and whatnot that come with the game, too.


I looked through a good number of games and compared to prices, and just about every game I looked at was at least 50% higher (some double) on Thus, it's the same price (or even cheaper) to just buy them on, and for those thinking of trading in games at best buy, if you have a little patience and the initiative to ship games out, you'll make decent money selling on or ebay.


@benmason: BestBuy doesn't have overpriced games anymore than GameStop does. It just depends on what you're looking for, but there are plenty of games that are overpriced at GameStop but a good price at BestBuy, and vice versa. In my experience though, BestBuy is more likely to give out deals--GameStop rarely does, or if they do they're behind on it. (Which is why I ended up getting a 3DS last month at BestBuy and not GameStop, heh.)


I was at Best Buy last night and looking at the used games and was able to take at least two of the games and find them new in the same store for $15 - $20 less...


This is not even a deal, who voted this up?


@benmason: I agree about them not being worth trading in. If it isn't agame you intend to play more than once just rent it.


I bought MW3 used on eBay last night for $20 shipped.


@kattotang: good point. best buy is generally competitive for new games and systems. they are just getting into the used market, and they cannot really compete yet. the internet really has that market (amazon and half a great, even gamestop is better online for used games)


@roafw: I was looking at PS2 games on GameStop's website about a week ago and I saw a few used games that were the same exact price as brand-new copies, and a number of used games that were barely marked down from the new price. I've seen this many times when looking at games at GameStop, either in-store or online...and Amazon, though I am a Prime member and use it a lot, really isn't much better either. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't.

It really just comes down to shopping around and trying to find the best deals/sales to take advantage of, really.


Generally, I have to agree that Best Buy's used games are overpriced. However, if you go on their website and research the games you want, often, the price is cheaper online, than it is in store. They will price match to their online pricing, when you buy it in the store. I did that the last time they did buy 2, get 1, and I got a couple ps3 games for a great deal.


If you are buying or selling used games the best place to go is eBay! It's a win-win for everyone involved the seller gets $8-15 more than what GameStop is offering and the buyer usually pays about $10-15 less than GameStop is selling. All game stop does is take off $5 of the current "new" value so you really aren't saving.


How about buy one, get two free? Doesn't anyone own a smartphone?? Do people buy these games anymore?


Is this deal still good? Where does the discount show up?