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Thanks man, I needed a present for my friend's birthday coming up. Plus twenty surprise moneys and this is an awesome present, lol.


I don't recommend this. I bought one from Thinkgeek and was pretty disappointed in the quality. Build quality wasn't that great overall, but there also wasn't much to the trick. Just a corner that you pinch... and it's readily obvious.


of course the quality is going to be poor...they cost $2. can you really expect much more for that price


ad says 1.99 each but the web site wants 4.14 each. I smell a rip-off


@mchapell: Read the listing!

Click "add to cart," enter promo code MLCK266376021950N and click apply. Discount shows up, price goes down to $1.99


I have the one without the SECRET drawer--hours of fun at the office...(wasted?) but worth EVERY PENNY!!!


Ok... you guys love these things so I'm in for 3...
It is a promo to get more people on there E-mailing list...


I purchased some extremely elaborate trick boxes when I was in Qatar. Some of them were as much as $180 USD and the size of a "tough box". Really cool


Real happy you all like the deal i picked one up for my 13(soon to be) sis for here birthday going to toss a Benjamin in it and make her Bday great... ill soon put some more up as i find them

And those people that complain about quality... It cost under $2 shipped get off your high horse if u want a good trick box i have some ebay links i can send u but will cost u about 40+ per box


Thanks for posting this...I've been waiting for these to go on sale again...

I think these ones are smaller than the normal magic boxes...last time I was looking at them, this one was called the "Small" MB and the normal size one was the "Large" magicbox...

Still...for 2buhcks, I'm in.

Plus, when you get stuff shipped from China, you have NO idea when it's going to show up. Might be 3 weeks, might be 3 months. But by the time you get it, I can almost guarantee you'll have forgotten you ordered it it's always a surprise


thanks for the code, i ordered 14 for next christmas, slip in a few bucks, no fuss, maybe no wrapping!!!


I guess the woot community is a little more wholesome than I thought.

Surprised everyone has mentioned this only for hiding money. However, since I'm not in that crowd, maybe this is way too small to hold anything not wholesome. :)


Perfect for your "stash". Unless of course you already have the "fake" Coke can, or can of shaving cream.


@hobbitss: Untrue! I've bought stuff from before, and they're very legit, you'll get no spamming from them. Shipping was a bit slow, but otherwise, they're a pretty good merchant, and what you pay for is what you get.


In for two! The gift card holders in some stores are more than $5 and this at least will provide some challenge to get the cash. Yes it is from Meritline, it may take awhile getting here from China, but you can't get lead poisoning from wood right?

Oh crap....


@invisibleogre: It said on the bottom of the page after entering the discount code that you were agreeing to receive e-mail notices in exchange for the promo pricing...

I said nothing about Spamming...


@renegadetim: Mo, it will hold quite a big, actually. My friend had one back in High school, it was about half the size of my fist, iirc.


@thewootenator: haha i use to make those cans back in high school and sell them