deals25% off select costumes & costume accessories…


Disney has become a sellout, since Walt died.


This promo code doesn't work.
also, the "25% off" written directly on their homepage doesn't register either.
great job, disney.


@bweisholtz: The 25% off is only for select costumes and accessories, and is already shown as the Red price. But, the free shipping code isn't working at the moment. It tells me there is a "glitch" as of 7:57AM Central time.


I spoke with one of the reps right after my earlier post, and they told me to go ahead and place the order, and then call the customer service line and have them put in the free shipping code. So, I placed the order, and then immediately called. Since I called so soon after placing the order, they didnt have a record of it, yet. So, they called me back 30 minutes later. 30 minutes later was too late to apply the promo code, because the order was already in processing. So, they offered me a $5 gift card. I refused the gift card, and told them to cancel my order. The rep then just refunded me the $4.95 shipping, which is basically the same as applying the promo code in the first place.

If you will notice, though, it no longer shows this promo code on the main page of the disney store site. So, they really were having some kind of glitch, or it was all a scam to get people to accept the gift card and spend more money in the store. Either way, it was a stupid runaround.