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At my Quiznos this will save you about $2, good deal!


Good coupon, but I dislike that they exclude the create-your-own stuff. I'm a vegetarian and with the new menu, there's nothing on it that doesn't have meat (except I think maybe one kids' meal), so I always do a create-your-own.


Got it!!! Thanks..............


Why would I spend good money on getting diarrhea?

Even with the coupon it's a gigantic rip-off. Quiznos treats their employees like crap, DON'T EAT THERE


What does a sub cost there now? $9 or so? For that much, you should get chips, a beer and a dessert. Great business model though: take a Subway $5 sub, toast it and charge $4 more.


@cmackin: Uhh, isn't each location an independently-owned franchise?


@pleepleus: At least you're acknowledging that Subway doesn't actually TOAST their subs. At least the ones where I live use the nuke-toasters and they're rarely the same twice. I don't care for my bread being crunchy and my meat cold.


Why do you post in a Quizons deal only to complain about the high cost?
I guess $9 is better than $43 that you said Quizons subs sold for in your last post.....


@jjeff: Of course it was less than $43, he used the BOGO coupon! :P


@jjeff: Why do YOU post in a Quiznos deal only to complain about my comments?

Also, I'd like to welcome you to The Internets. Here, people often exaggerate things in a sarcastic and (arguably humorous) manner in order to convey their point of view. Since this subtly was clearly lost on you, I'll go ahead and revert to some pre-Interweb communication style:

Quiznos is overpriced.