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So I've gotta ask, I've never had anything from Omaha Steaks's the quality?


In my opinion, about average. I find better cuts of meat at my butcher, for alot less. Omaha may be better than what you would get at many supermarkets though. One good thing, everything is packaged nicely & frozen solid for the freezer. I found uses for the styrofoam cooler used for shipping.


@yrguide: Pretty good.

I don't know how the above user could find similar quality for "a lot less", I haven't been able to. Whole Foods is better, but a bit more expensive per lb. My local butcher is no cheaper at all, but they do have very good products.


Happy Family Combo? When did Omaha Steaks become a Chinese food take out place?


Even with the $18 shipping, it's a sweet deal. Good find!


@lll0228: our local butcher shop is fantastic AND cheaper than Omaha Steaks too. I guess it's just one of those "YMMV" type things. that being said, prior to discovering our local place, I've both purchased Omaha Steaks and received them as gifts - I wasn't unhappy with anything and it was definitely better than what you can get at the standard chain grocery store.


@smtatertot13: Yes, I agree. For grocery and butcher, fishmonger etc, it's definitely a YMMV. But I can't see how anything at similar quality can be "a lot cheaper" at a small local shop than from a major operation (by "a lot cheaper", I roughly defined it as half-price). If he/she meant a lot cheaper by something like 5% or 10%, then it's my bad.