dealslongevity for android: catch power draining apps…


Technically, this deal is in violation of the rules. (It likes to a blog that talks about the app rather than the Android Market, where one can actually get the app.)

The Android Market link is

I've tatled and requested that the link be changed (yes, I know I could (and should) just post a new deal with the correct link, but I'm not postuing deals at the moment for personal reasons... if someone else wants to do so, please go for it).

In case it is changed, here is the link to the blog describing the app:


What "rules" are you talking about? I just read the TOC and see no breach. If I am wrong, please CONSTRUCTIVELY post here and I will endeavor to remove or repost in the correct formatting.


@kirbee He is saying you linked to a blog instead of to the product, thats the problem. You can't promote blogs on deals.woot