dealsbiostar p4m800-pro-m7 via p4m800 pro 1066mhz…


Don't buy this board! It is completely out of date! I don't care if it's $40. I was just perusing Newegg this morning at AM3 socket DDR3 motherboards for $60-$100.

Be warned it only supports 2GB of DDR2 RAM, and has no PCI Express x16 2.0 slots (which is needed for nearly all new graphics cards), and only has two SATA ports. This would be a great motherboard maybe 6 years ago!


I purchased a p5kpl-cm from micro center for 40$, which is the same price... and 10x better. 4 slots, 5 sata ports, gigabit ethernet. ect.


It would be acceptable for a low spec DVR. Though, as Nothingman stated, just because it's inexpensive doesn't mean it will save you money in the long run. The more you use a DVR (WMC7 for example) the more you will try to pump from it. In a year you may find yourself fantasizing of a quadcore +4GB, which will render this useless. Plus, if you ever find yourself wanting to get HDMI you'll have a tough time shopping for a decent priced PCI/AGP card. CNR is fairly useless.

If building a desktop, move on. This will just scrape by today and be unbearable by tomorrows standards.


Ooooo, a whole 2 GB. Rockin'!

P.S. This fall, vote Kerry/Edwards! Down with Bush!


Must have found a box of these in the warehouse eh? Maybe you'll move a few at $9.98... maybe.


These babies have an overheating problem. Then, when the BIOS tries to post, they just keep restarting. Seen way too many of these fail and lets not forget they came out about eight years ago. They should be giving these away as door stops.


Not to knock an effort, gearxs, but this is the second ancient, over-priced, POS you've posted in the last few days (that old chestnut Optiplex being the first). What gives? You really aren't doing anyone any favors with this stuff.