dealsup to 60% off of sunglasses


Bought my first pair of Oakleys in January and they're the best quality sunglasses I've ever used. Expensive, but so worth it... and made in the USA too.


Word, I've got a pair of Fives and a pair of Frogskins now and they're both the only glasses that I've cared enough to keep around. If you don't want to buy polarized lenses from Oakley, there are a lot of third party options (check eBay) that are good quality.


I bought some oakleys from the last sale, they are great.

Especially at these prices, if you've never had a pair of "nicer" sunglasses it's worth it.

Some of their models aren't for everyone, but I like quite a few in this list personally.


I just ordered my first pair of Oakleys. I hope these last longer than the last expensive pair of sunglasses I purchased. They lasted 2 weeks and then I sat on them.


@eliw03: Heh. Can't blame the manufacturer for that. :P


Ok... I always use the Harbor Freight tinted safety glasses (4.99 each), but they're about as tough as butter...

I can't stand light creeping around the edges, nor can I stand my eyes being reflected back at me (!)...

So I was leaning towards the Radar Lock series...
Any other recommendations or should I just spend the $230 on the best sunglasses I'm likely to find?


Oakleys are great quality. I do feel like I need to weigh in on the "Made in USA" claim. The glasses are manufactured in China, sent to the US in three pieces (1 frame, 2 arms) and assembled here, thus allowing them to claim made in USA. At least that's the way it was done seven or so years ago.

I worked for a sunglass company and some of our glasses were manufactured in the same factory as some Oakley frames over in Taiwan.

Maybe it has changed and it's not a big deal, but kind of backhanded on their part. I own a few pair myself so I can't complain.


@reom76: Well, not anymore, Oakley was bought by Italian glasses manufacturer Luxottica a few years ago, this company manufactures almost every single brand of glasses you can find out there, they are also owners of Ray-ban, sunglasses hut, target and sears optical. they were part of a 60 minutes report a while back... watch it here: its really eye opening... basically any high end brand you see out there, Prada, Gucci, Oakley, ray ban, etc, are made by the Italians.


@justagigilo85: Common misconception. Oakley is not made in USA anymore, and for that matter no other brand is. Glasses are made from Luxottica corporation. There is a 60 minutes on them somewhere, if you care to do some digging.

They used to be made in USA however.

That said, I am an avid Oakley collector, and Oakley Vault always has great deals


@zerokul175: didnt read the comments before posted, but you beat me to it!


@zerokul175: @alderuen: Thanks for posting this. I'll check it out when I get home!


I don't suppose there's an inexpensive way to get the Radarlock frames?
$80 for polarized glass is ok, but $230 for a kit is up there (esp since on the "create your own", it comes out to be $250 retail -- 20% off my foot).