dealsusb home travel charger for $0.94 + free shipping


Note the notification at the bottom of the screen when the coupon is added: "This coupon is part of an exclusive offer for our newsletter subscribers. By using this coupon code, you are consenting to receive additional deals and promotions sent in our e-mail newsletter. You can remove this coupon by clearing your cart."


Mixed results from Meritline. Sometimes good products at these low products, sometimes you get a dud.


@patchagogo: I think that's the way it's always been.. personally I don't mind it, but I imagine you could unsubscribe.


@ninkumpoop: I haven't ordered much from them - maybe 2 or 3 orders total - but I've been happy with the products I have received so far. I figure I got my money's worth, though it might not be a bad idea for them to consider a slightly faster shipping option (and a small cost, of course).


Got one of these. Does not charge iPhone.