dealsmicrosoft surface - 32 gb for $199.00 + freeā€¦


Automatically adds the bundle and makes it $350.98, NOT $199


Not the best price of the season. MicroCenter is offering Surface RT with Black Touch Cover for $179.99 as a door buster.


MicroCenter is in sore only. Only 23 locations nationwide. None in my state


Worked like a charm...$199 +tax, no shipping.


Wow you're right. $180 including touch pad. Too bad it's in store only and they're no where near me :(


doesn't try to add the bundle for me... $199 at checkout


Any thoughts on the RT version and speed? I guess it'll be slower than the Pro, but is it worth the price difference?


@sumduud: You cannot run regular applications (legacy apps) on the RT. Apparently there is a workaround jailbreak from the XDA forums.


@sumduud: The operating system with the update (8.1) does a pretty good job making the experience snappier than it otherwise would be with say, oh, I don't know, some cyborg-type os. Yes there is a Pro version, that is basically a full blown "laptop" computer with a real intel proc runs full blown x86_64 windows. Surface Pro is basically an "ultrabook" in tablet form.

Also there is Surface 2, which is similar to the original Surface, but with full 1080p and slightly beefier processor (Tegra 4 versus Tegra 3), but pretty much the same memory, wireless, and "drive" space.