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Wow, $4.00 after the coupon for a year of Motor Trend is pretty sweet, I just picked up my subscription. Thanks for the find!


There's always a catch...

Please be aware that in order to complete your transaction, we will need to forward your name, magazine order and shipping address to our subscription providers, Zinio and M2 Media Group. The subscriptions provider will share your magazine order information as well as your name and address, or name and email and mailing addresses with the magazine publisher and a magazine circulation auditor. Magazine publishers will use this information to fulfill you order and for other purposes. Your credit card information will not be shared with them.


Good deal!
I'm always looking for cheap toilet reading material :D


"Motor Trend is the world's automotive authority."
Ha. Almost all mainstream auto magazines are ruled mainly by their advertisers. Ever wonder how they all come up with a different "#1" from each other? Because automakers target different magazines with their money. They give their biggest advertiser a poor review, the money stops flowing in. Take what you read with a grain of salt in any major auto publication.

p.s. I do media research for a living so this isn't just coming from someone's "tailpipe."


So just out of curiosity what other automobile magazine would you rank better than motortrend?


Hmm, comes up as $10 for me... ah well, an $8 subscription is not bad.


@thericochet: ...really?

No, seriously. Really?

I think you need a whole sea of salt if you think CR is any better than MT. I'm not saying MT is great or anything, but I tend to rank CR down there with Edmunds and Reader's Digest...

I personally like Winding Road. They may not be as up-to-the-instant as MT and their brethren at C&D and Automobile, but they're pretty honest and refreshingly have minimal advertisements.