deals10-pack, x-large multi-purpose shammy wow for $4…


Is this an imitator I'm supposed to beware of?


@lotsofgoats: I don't know, does their spokesperson punch hookers in the mouth too? Trust no substitutes!

And, hey! How did they get these? I thought I could only order them off the talkie moving picture box...


Looks like discount... Here's the other website selling these for the regular price:
$8 and $7 to ship, so $15 from the source, the price for the discount site is $9 shipped

The website above has other details on the shammy for you to research


This deal is NOT dead. Why do people keep RIPing my deals? @thunderthighs?

(it will be dead in 9 minutes, but it is still good now. i was getting ready to take care of it myself)...Just chose you to help....hope you do not mind.