dealsgillette mach3 refill cartridges (12 pack) for…


Sweet deal! $6 savings, then $5 savings, plus free 2-day shipping with ShopRunner, plus $.85 in money, plus 21% cash back with eBates.

Muhahahahaha! :D


too bad they're not turbo :(


$9.99 for shipping? Uh, no thanks...Would have been a good deal if not for that.


There is no free shipping why does this say with free shipping. After discounts mine came to 18.60...

Oh the free shipping is with shop-runner?? Well shop runner states in the agreement "Once your trial period ends, you will be billed the annual $79 membership fee."

What a JOKE!!!


@hoovdizzle ...... Mine was $18.60 too but I got the FREE shipping. Did you make sure that you selected Standard Shipping?


worked great not the best deal but still cheap for blades that last awhile on my face forest


Worked for me. Thanks much for posting!


worked for me! hubby just asked for some additional 3 blade blades... was happy to see this deal.


Just bought 2 (12 pack), and it worked beautifully. The original $4 discount only applies to the first set, but the coupon code/free shipping is working. 24 cartridges for $42 shipped. That's a decent deal, at least enough for me to pull the trigger on it. Thanks for posting.


Coupon and coupon code work for Turbo, got 8 for $15.99 w/ ShopRunner, but only got 12% cashback through ebates.


@gga1759: Yes, tax for me was $1.61. Still a sweet deal.


I really feel for the people using these overpriced cartridge razors, I switched to DE razor a few years back. My last pack of razors (100) cost me less than $8 with shipping


@nexter: I get $21.99 for 12. How did you get it for $16.99?

Still, if you buy 2, you can use this coupon to get $5 off $40: 6E5918C4

This also gives you free shipping without ShopRunner.


Second note: Amazon also has $4 off this product, currently priced at $25.59 before coupon savings.

Subscribe and Save brings it down by another 5%, but you'll have to wait until April. If you Subscribe and Save to more than 4 items in a month, the cost will go down to $17.75, with coupon savings and 15% off, with free shipping.