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Don't know about the company, but I can vouch for E6400s.

Easy to service and upgrade. Relatively lightweight. Keyboard is pretty decent, and it also has a trackpoint, although it's nowhere near as good as ThinkPad's. Also note that, while it's relatively sturdy, it's nowhere near the level of ThinkPad's; your LCD WILL ripple if pressed from the top hard enough.

Although, I'm wondering: is it worth $240? With questionable battery life of refurb laptops, I'm not too sure.


@namorama: it's got the crap low res panel too. And I laugh at the Mortal Kombat images. I wouldn't pay that much for them but havong a year's warranty does add value and they are tanks.


look at previous offers from this company and talk to the people who bought from them. You wont be walking but running for your life in opposite direction.


personally when i see ebay i turn the opposite way. I clicked on the link, because I was interested till I saw the ebay layout and went to this page again and saw the ebay logo. I had too many bad experience with ebay and paypal to ever use there services, no matter what deal I am dealing with.


Chipset: Intel 45 Express Chipset
Graphics: Mobile Intel GMA 4500MHD
Display: 14.1" Premium WXGA (1280x800) LED Display
Memory: Dual Channel DDR2 Memory; Two Memory slots offering up to 8GB
Memory Bandwidth: 800MHz
Wireless (802.11g)
Dell Wireless 370 Bluetooth 2.1
IEEE - 1394
docking connector
USB 2.0 (x4)
Display Port
RJ-45 - 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet
USB PowerShare
headphone/speakerout, mic
2 speakers
Smart Card Reader and Contactless Smart Card Reader


Hello Wooters. My name is Andy and my company is offering these laptops today. They're both rock solid laptops built with commercial components. They're perfect for email, web surfing, facebooking, homework, light games, and much more. They come fully loaded with a New Windows 7 Premium License from Microsoft. We are 1 of only 16 Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers in the country and we stand behind these laptops with a full 1 year warranty. I'll be here all day if you have any questions. You can also call us toll free at 855-252-4784. Thanks!!


@shinespark: We tried to have a full Mortal Kombat face off for this sale but the Woot writers went lame on us. Dell vs. HP Round 1....Fight!


They also have an 8GB PNY Flash Drive for $3.99 with Free Shipping, not a bad deal.


@searchneverend: I'm not sure why you feel that our past deals created negativity. If you look, you'll see that 99% of the comments listed on them are positive. That is SUPER rare for Woot. You can also check us out every other way on the internet. We're an elite member of, a Top Seller on Ebay, we won Angie's List Super Service Award, and we have an A rating with the BBB. Check out our facebook page too. It's filled with good stuff. No company is perfect but we try our absolute best to keep a customer for life. At least 50% of our business is repeat customers.


I bought the HP 6910P from them via their eBay store last summer (after seeing one of their sponsored deals here). My model has upgraded specs (4GB RAM, 120GB hard drive, DVD-RW) and I paid $50 more.

It arrived looking like new. I've had no problems and it runs great, even handles Photoshop well. Got a new battery for it. No issues with the vendor. Can't comment on customer service since I haven't had to contact them—I've just been a happy camper.


I bought the E6400 Core 2 Duo last month to upgrade my kid's lame netbook. BTG was happy and quick to rectify a screen problem. I have nothing but good things to say about BTG and I'm planning to replace my other kid's netbook with one of these off-lease corporate laptops shortly.

Oh, and it does have a DisplayPort for high-quality external graphics, but since the built-in screen is high resolution anyway, you probably won't need it.

EDIT It has WiFi which you might expect but it also comes with a reinstallation DVD, which is really useful, and these laptops have built-in Bluetooth, which is actually more useful than you might have thought it is.